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Now available on steam! Get it here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/522950/Mayhem_ZX/?beta=0

SMASH and BLAST your way through your enemies in this excitingly fast paced Multiplayer Run-N-Gun Action Platformer! With a full 360 Degree Firing Radius you'll be able to Run, Skid, Slide and Wall Jump around the environment all while OBLITERATING the competition!
As the war between humans and unknown creatures from the darkest side of the galaxy rages on, Take control over a select few warriors and find out which side has what it takes to survive and rise to power! Our goal with *MAYHEM* is to combine the retro Aesthetics and modern Twin Stick Shooter genre into an awesome and unpredictable Couch Brawler. No network features have been set in stone at the moment, as we feel this is the kind of game that you're gonna want to be sitting next to your comrades when you suddenly remove their head from their body!

* 12 Playable Characters

* 9 Different Weapons

* 7 Different Grenade Types

* Full Controller Support

* 4 Player MAYHEM

* Target Practice (with Steam Leaderboards)

*Training Zone (Get familiar with all aspects of the game!)

NOTE: This is just a Beta Release, We plan on adding a grip of new Characters, Stages, and Weapons in the near future! Stay tuned and follow the development process for the latest updates on MAYHEM!

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